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Buy Massachusetts Driver License (New MA O21) – OldIronsidesFakes PH

Massachusetts Driver License (New MA O21) – OldIronsidesFakes PH, don’t go driving all over Massachusetts without looking like a local! Get this adjustable New MA O21 Massachusetts Driver’s License fake ID. This high-quality product is available to you in several different, easy to use formats, and is guaranteed to get you into the bars of Massachusetts ― just try and remember your name!

The Massachusetts driver license (ID) card is a compliant Real ID credential. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is issuing the new credential in 3 phases. Phase 1 began in January 2016 and will be completed in August 2017. There are no changes to the driver license or learner’s permit card design, issuance process, or fees. Beginning August 22, 2017, customers will be issued a new Enhanced MA O21 driver license or MA ID card that complies with the REAL ID Act of 2005.

Reach for your new MA driver license with the confidence that comes from knowledge – the knowledge that your LIS (light interferance system) hologram, gold foil printing and ghost image converging lines on your driver license provide you with the highest security currently available.

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With a new license design, it is easier than ever to recognize a Massachusetts Driver License (New MA O21) – OldIronsidesFakes PH.

The Massachusetts Driver License is your official document for driving in the state of Massachusetts. This item must be carried at all times while operating a vehicle and can be used as an identification card when opening a bank account or cashing checks.

Had your license marked “Conditional?” You are eligible for a Massachusetts driver license (Class O or A) if you have not had any major traffic violations or accidents for 5 years. To qualify for a graduated license, you must be at least 18 years old, a US citizen and Massachusetts resident, have met all practical driving requirements, and have good vision. Please bring identification and all of your old licenses with you to your appointment. There is no charge to upgrade to this type of license, but you will still be required to take the knowledge exam.

The cost of this item includes the license fee for issuance on-line, application processing and issuance fees by the MA RMV. Please note that there is a one-time activation fee charged by the vendor.

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A full-page license imprint. Made of polycarbonate, non-photo driver license

Restricted use. You may not use this license for identification purposes. You must present it to law enforcement upon request. Disclaimer: It is illegal to falsify information on your license/ID card application.

1. Legal name as it appears on birth certificate/ passport/ court order, or a Massachusetts state or U.S. federal government issued identification card that must match one of the following categories:

The perfect gift for newly licensed drivers.

The Massachusetts O21 Driver License is a primary identification document that complies with driver license regulations in the State of Massachusetts.

If your MA O21 was issued before December of 2010, please hand carry your license to the RMV. To the right is a new image for your reference (front and back of card).

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The “MA O21” is a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license and is not acceptable for federal identification purposes. A REAL ID compliant driver’s license is a federally approved identification document that can be used to board domestic flights, enter secure federal facilities and nuclear power plants, and visit military installations.

Striking in both design and color, the new Massachusetts driver license is a classic. But what makes this MA ID card truly special is the level of protection it provides. This new card uses the latest hologram technology and ultraviolet imaging to ensure security.

If you are a Massachusetts resident who is upgrading from another class of license, you must bring a completed Massachusetts Driver License application to your local Registry. If you are between the ages of 16 and 18, you must bring proof that you have successfully completed a Driver Education course.

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The Massachusetts Real ID is an optional, federally compliant driver license. It can be used as a primary form of identification, to enter federal or military buildings, and the airport (and even some states accept it as a valid ID to vote in elections). This license is designed for MA residents who are currently living outside the United States but plan on returning and wish to have a license that meets more rigid federal security requirements so as not to have to carry multiple IDs when driving around the country.

The Massachusetts DMV says your license must display a full-frontal view of your head and shoulders. Forged passports may also be printed with features such as your photo and facial scan, universal security features such as holograms and ultraviolet ink, and machine-readable technology so they can be read by cameras at border crossings or airports when entering or leaving the country.

This item is a valid, unexpired Massachusetts driver’s license issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles and has been officially licensed by the state of Massachusetts.